What To Expect

What to Expect When Prado & Sons Renovates Your Pool

  1. Our qualified technicians will drain your pool and or spa, turn off all equipment and remove the pool cleaner if necessary.
  2. Our chip out crew will arrive and start to remove the plaster or pebble and the tiles if needed. This is a dusty and loud process and usually takes a couple of hours. We recommend that you cover anything that you don’t want to get dusty. Once they are finished, they will wash down the pool/spa. (If you have chosen to get new tiles, plumbing, equipment, or resurface your pool deck, this will happen after your pool has been chipped out.)
  3. After inspection by our superintendent, our application crew will install the application of your choice. Because we are committed to customized service, we mix everything on-site using our mixer equipment. This process usually takes a couple of hours. Once our crew has completed this process, Please Do Not Enter the Pool or Spa.
  4. Our crew will acid wash and lightly polish your pool, install pool lights and the main drain(s). Now it’s time to start the water flowing! It is important not to stop the water until it has reached the middle of your tiles (otherwise, you may end up with a difficult to remove hydration ring around your newly renovated pool-voiding the warranty!)
  5. Once your pool is full, we will return and begin your first initial start-up chemicals and equipment if it is a remodel. If this is a brand-new pool, your pool company will be responsible for the start-up. Our start-ups consist of adding chlorine, acid, and conditioner. We will test the water to make sure your chemicals are good. The chemicals we add are good for three (3) days. We highly recommend you get your pool water tested after the initial three (3) days.